More from my travels around the rooms on the outer part of Atrium 4, here I find Classé, Audiodata, Wilson Audio, Paradigm and Anthem, Magico, Cessaro, Constellation, Linn and Verity Audio.


Montreal based brand, Classé, returned to the High End Show this year with a whole load of new gear. This was the European launch of their Delta series of pre, power and mono amplifiers. The big, black boxes had a distinctive look and the sound in the room was very enjoyable too. They range in price from £10k for the pre up to £12.5 for the stereo amp and will go into production this summer. The speakers were the FinkTeam WM4, the big brother of Borg.


Saltzberg based Audiodata exhibited Soulution Audio’s amplifiers and Toneart’s turntable combined with their passive Master One loudspeakers. The Master One are a very elegant looking and sounding three-way speaker.

Wilson Audio

A fitting tribute to Dave Wilson, who died last year, was the Wilson Sasha DAW. His son Daryl Wilson, redesigned the Sasha, which, with a starting price just under £40,000, features trickle down technologies from the WAMM Master Chronosonic flagship. Sounding great with Pass, Aurender, dCS and EMM Labs.

Paradigm And Anthem

Just a quick picture from this room as there was no music playing when I popped in.


Magico had the new A Series on static display and then their system was running the M2 floorstanders that launched at the end of last year. Coming in at just under £70k, they had a very understated look and a clean, well presented sound.


Cessaro had one of the most striking rooms, this one featured their Beta II in a delicious, dark cherry-red, with huge bass horns. Everything was styled to match and, with their own electronics and a TW Acoustics turntable, this room was delightful.


Always a great sounding room and some of the friendliest people you could meet. Constellation were showing the Revelation Series Pictor, Andromeda, and Taurus Monos with a Continuum Audio Labs Obsidian turntable with Viper tonearm, Magico M2 loudspeakers, and wired with Nordost Odin 2 cables.


Linn were back at the High End Show this year with the Selekt DSM, I caught them mid-dem in German, they were very busy and had been all show…Possibly a combination of Linn gear, Whisky and Tunnocks caramel wafers drawing the crowds! KEF Reference 3 loudspeakers were used with various combinations of the Selekt DSM, plus they had the Klimax LP12 turntable on display.

For more background and our recent visit to Linn for the Selekt DSM launch and factory tour, click here!

Verity Audio

Canadian brand Verity Audio were launching their new small Lakmé loudspeakers at the show. The featured system that I heard was their reference Lohengrin speakers playing with their own electronics, including a pair of their Monsalvat amps, in a system wired with Cardas Cable and sat on Quadraspire racks. A very nice sounding room.

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Linette Smith

High End Munich 2019 Show Report 4
High End Munich 2019 Show Report: Bird’s Eye View Part 2 Atrium 4.1

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